In the valleys of the triqui region lives a group of indigenous kids that have been wining basketball championships all over the world occupying minutes in the TV news and becoming the hope for his people.
This film is a journey from the triquis’ villages going through Santa María del Tule Residence, in Oaxaca City, to the Barcelona Basketball Cup, in which we face the hard living conditions of the region, the unfair culture traditions with the women, long training sessions, study nights, all of it is overcome with effort, unity and motivation.


Gigantes Descalzos Premiere in Miradas Doc 2017

Miradas Doc

Very excited about the experience lived in Miradas Doc. Visit the festival website.


Profe Sergio
Profe Sergio - ABIM'S DIRECTOR

He came 5 years ago with a basketball and with an idea in mind that would transform the Region.

Mele - Rastrojo

A born leader, a program’s icon, he suffered an extreme hard childhood with the only idea in mind of succeed.

Alfredo - Río Venado

A young father of family, he has been part of ABIM since the very first days of the program and now he is ahead of the main training center in the Region.

Elsa - Río Metates

A triqui girl full of strength and courage, she mixes the housework with and her studies with travels around the country with her ABIM basketball team.


The Mexican Indigenous Basketball Association was born in 2011 in the triqui region, where this film is located, and nowadays it works with more than 2000 indigenous kids from regions all over the country. An educative sport-program is being implemented to offer a great future opportunity to the most harmed kids of Mexico.

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Know the Triqui Region

The Triqui people lives in the mountains of west Oaxaca. The villages that helped us during the shooting are: Constancia del Rosario, Río Venado, Paso del Águila, Río Metates, Llano de Piedra.